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1   Link   Pests & Diseases - International Cocoa Organization
2   Link   Major Pest & Diseases of Cocoa: Symptoms
3   Link   Pests and Diseases of Cocoa
4   Link   Diseases And Pests Of Pre Harvest Cocoa
5   Link   Pest & Disease of Cocoa
6   Link   Insects, Pests And Diseases Threaten Cocoa Production Industry
7   Link   Cocoa Pest & Disease Management: Best Known Practices
8   Link   Some Background on Cocoa Pests and Diseases
9   Link   Managing Pest and Disease Pressures – Cocoa Farmers’ Perspective
10   Link   Research Documents: Diseases and Pests
11   Link   Cocoa Pests and Diseases
12   Link   Integrated Pest and Disease Management for Sustainable Cocoa Production
13   Link   Fighting Pests and Diseases Organically with help from Wild Cocoa Trees in French Guiana
14   Link   Cocoa Project
15   Link   Strategies for the control of pests and diseases for sustainable cocoa production in Nigeria
16   Link   Integrated Pest and Disease Management is Profitable on cocoa in Papua New Guinea
17   Link   Insect Science And Crop Protection Strategies In The Global World
18   Link   Cocoa pests and diseases and their control within MACEFCOOP
19   Link   Disease and Sustainability in the Cocoa Agroecosystem
20   Link   Pests and Diseases
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